Welcome to the website of the coolest Ella in the world. 

Welcome to Ella's site with things on it.

Well I said that I would put up a site with things on it, and now I have.

Who knows. I may put more things on it, or even change the things that are on it right now.

This is one of those place-holder sections that I will put some interesting stuff in. Like how the universe works and that sort of thing.


I really fancy putting up a few brain workouts. Great fun!


I might let you know about my travel and adventures in a seperate section...

Good Stuff

There might well be a section where all the other good stuff goes. Good stuff is always good.

I think that this section will be dedicated to animal pictures. Just because there aren't enough of those sort of sites on the net right now. Now when anyone in the world asks "where oh where can I get hold of cute and funny animal pictures?", the answer will be to the entire world. Right Here! This might just catch on...

Cat Handstand

Ella's Tasty Cakes

I might have links to games here...

I haven't really made my mind up yet, but I might welldecide to create a bunch of useful links to games I particularly like.

Maybe not.


I'll very probably put some pictures up here. I expect that they will pretty dull for most of the time but you never know...

I could always post pictures of not so cool but potentially reasonably OK Ella's too. things like that.

Not an Ella

Not an Ella

The picture shows a viking jumping over some sort of brown and steaming log. This is NOT an Ella. It is important to be able to distinguish the difference.

Potential Ellas

Potential Ellas

I suppose they might be considered for some sort of cool status. Synchronised laughing and glass holding should make the Olympics pretty soon.

Other things will occur to me I'm sure, so it will be interesting to see how it all comes together.

Please feel free to donate funds to anyone who needs them. No animals were harmed in the making of this site.